Best Smartwatch for Texting

Smartwatch is a great tool that comes with a lot of advanced functions that are essential for our normal life. One important job is texting. The majority of tech users love texting. A few years ago, sending messages to someone was done only through a computer, but it requires an internet connection. Mobile phones make life a lot easier because you only need a SIM card to send a message. It’s much easier and more portable than computers.

Since the invention of new technologies, our lives have become much more comfortable than ever. There was a time when smartphones were a modern invention, and everyone was crazy about them, but in recent times, this trend has changed, and now everyone would like to have a smartwatch with modern features.

When you’re busy with things like running, cycling, swimming, or any other type of exercise, you’ll also want to see your WhatsApp messages, calls, or other notifications. You cannot easily access your phone during these activities. At this point, the smartwatch you can text is very useful.

Best smartwatch for texting in 2021

It’s up to you to take further action or just ignore it. This is especially useful if you are in a meeting or doing something important. Texting smartwatch is an amazing gadget that helps you communicate with each other.

After much research and testing of many smartwatches, I have listed some of the best text watches that have durable and amazing features.




Fossil Gen 5  

Garmin vívoactive 3

Fitbit Versa 2 

Letsfit Smart Watch

Amazfit Bip S 

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3

1. Fossil Gen 5  smartwatch for texting

Fossil Gen 5 are rapidly gaining in popularity due to their amazing wearability, and the General 5 Carlyle is an excellent example of their technical prowess, which is not right on your wrist like the smartwatch texting capabilities. This watch is almost perfect. It has all the features I hoped for. Smooth operation, excellent screen with auto-brightness, impressive waterproofing, and NFC payment.

When it comes to texting, Fossil General 5 Carlyle comes with an extra plus of a full keyboard. It’s relatively new to smartwatches, but it’s definitely a welcome addition to the smartwatch ahead of the speech, smart responses, and scrubbing. If you do not want to turn off individual features, there are some battery saver modes that work for you. I think they are a little too inactive for daily use, but they would be great on short trips without a charger.

Fossil Gen 5  smartwatch for texting


  • Extraordinary battery
  • Easy to install
  • Wide range of band and face selection depending on the model


  • No cellular options.

2. Garmin vívoactive 3

If you are looking for the best smartwatch for texting but also put more emphasis on fitness tracking, you don’t need to go for another. The Garmin vívoactive 3 is one of the best smartwatches that enables you to do both at once. This is the best battery life ever on this list, especially considering all the apps that come with it and how much GPS generally shortens battery life.

While texting, the watch only gives you the option to reply to text messages with preset messages, that’s fine because if you’re more into fitness then Garmin Vivactive 3 is on offer. Featuring a built-in GPS with 15 pre-installed fitness apps for indoor and outdoor activity tracking, the Garmin Vivactive 3 watch offers heart rate and distance tracking and allows you to track yourself. Provides detailed metrics for and to improve when needed.


Garmin vívoactive 3

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  • Long battery life
  • Keep track of internal and external activity


  • No texting option for Apple iPhone users

3. Fitbit Versa 2 best smartwatch for texting

The Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch is also one of the best texting smartwatches. As the name suggests, this is the development of Versa. It is very comfortable to wear. We can communicate with each other by sending messages and emails. But this is only possible when you are connected to android only.

The Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch helps you connect with each other through calls and texting. When your smartphone is near you, you can receive notifications about your messages, calls, and smartphone app. The battery life in the Fitbit 2 smartwatch is impressive. You can use your smartwatch for 6 days on your charge. The 2 Smart Watch is a better sleep tracker than the Fit Butt. This smartwatch automatically detects your sleep by monitoring your heart rate, sleep time, restlessness, and breathing. It also gives sleep scores.

Fitbit Versa 2 best smartwatch for texting


  • GPS tracing of hikes.
  • Elevation tracking.
  • View in direct sunlight.


  • Steps sometimes seem far-fetched!
  • No rise to see feature

4. Letsfit Smart Watch

If you are looking for the best smartwatch for texting that has good texting features, here it is. Let soft Smart Watch is one of them. It has a great display and is easy to use. You will just love its advanced technology. LetsFit Smart Watch is a great design. There are no scratches or marks on the screen that give a decent look. It has an adjustable wristband that fits all sizes.

You can also get smartphone notifications on your watch. This smartwatch also has a voice recorder. This means you can reply to your writing. You can receive notifications from apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The battery life of the LetsFit Smart Watch is amazing. You don’t have to charge your smartwatch, again and again, now you can use your smartwatch for more than 15 days on a single charge.

Letsfit Smart Watch


  • it looks as beautiful as it is online!
  • it’s waterproof!
  • it’s super comfortable


  • Not all of your social media app notifications

5. Amazfit Bip S Fitness Smartwatch

The Amazon Fit Bip Smartwatch is considered to be the texting smartwatch and the world’s third best-selling smartwatch. I haven’t chosen this product, and it’s Amazon’s choice. The brands that are affiliated with Amazon are lucky because of the positive feedback from the people. This watch will help you track daily counts, distance traveled, calories burned, heart rate, and sleep quality. Whether the effects of exercise are good or not, and whether your exercise routine is aerobic or anaerobic.

The design of the Amazon Fit Bip Smart Watch is very similar to that of the Apple Watch. It’s very stylish and easy to use. The watch is available in four colors: black, gray, green, and orange. You can check your messages from any app or SMS, but you can also do a lot of things that you may not know. For example, you can also connect your phone to unlock its screen. The big thing we see before buying a smartwatch is its battery life. The Amazon Bip also has great battery life. You don’t have to charge your smartwatch for 45 days.

Amazfit Bip S Fitness Smartwatch


  • Long lasting battery
  • Good to keep track of health trends
  • Light weight watch


  • The company doesn’t sell any screen protectors

6. SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is smaller than the Galaxy Watch 2 but the screen is the same size so now the price is smaller. It is also thin. The sensor is more accurate and the software now had more options. The speakerphone looks low. Bluetooth is long. Wi-Fi works well. If they only support NFC, then Samsung’s salary works.

The screen is a little brighter, so it’s better on sunny days. Sounds like a decent upgrade but one aspect of it is that it gives me less time about the battery than its older version and it’s annoying. They really need a smaller CPU to be more efficient or convert to graphite. I’d rather have it thicker but give more battery. Huawei watches are available for 2 weeks. This endurance lasts for a day and a half. This is a light watch.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3


  • Beautiful screen that is bright and crisp
  • Fast processor
  • Excellent user interface for navigating the smart watch.


  • Bit expensive

Here are some things to keep in mind when buying the best smartwatch for texting

There are many best smartwatch for texting in the market. But it is challenging for the customer to choose the smartwatch that is best for them and choose the smartwatch, which is not as good as it seems.

Here are some things to keep in mind when buying a texting smartwatch. I’m sure they will be very helpful to you.

Display – Everyone wants to have a fashionable smartwatch and they look attractive on their wrist. Make sure it’s beautiful before you buy it. Every smartwatch has a different display, some smartwatches have full-touch screens and beautiful colors and some have simple colors. You should always check the dimensions of the smartwatch as it will let you know that a watch is displaying notifications and alerts on the screen as you wish.

Battery Life- Your watch receives messages, calls, emails, and notifications all day long. Then you want a watch that has good battery timing because you have to keep it all day. If you run out of battery for your smartwatch, you will lose all your data.

You can miss any important message, so buy a smartwatch, which has a long-lasting battery. It is important to check the battery life before buying a watch.

Fitness Tracking-  Some smartwatches require a smartphone to track your activity, but most have a pedometer that counts the steps. You should also keep this feature in mind when you buy a smartwatch.

Fitness tracking is a big reason for people to buy smartwatches. With a smartwatch, you can count your steps, monitor your heart rate and sleep, check your breathing rate and noise, blood-oxygen estimation, stress measurement, and many more features.

Music-  You could also say that it has become a part of our lives. When you buy a smartwatch, check that the watch has as much music capability as you want. Some watches do not have this capability at all. You can’t even listen to music. There are also watches on which you can listen to music directly on your watch. It’s amazing, and you don’t always have to carry your phone with you.

Communication- Smartwatches are an easy way to communicate with each other. It alerts you when your message or call arrives on your phone, but you haven’t seen it. You can also give a short answer to the signal directly from your wrist and answer the call when your phone is near you. Always note that this feature is not available on all watches. So always buy a watch that has a great communication system.


We hope that so far you have been able to choose the best smartwatch for texting! After all, it’s all about the perfect balance between texting and other features that you care about. If you are still confused, we are here to give you our final recommendations.

If you do not want to miss a message or call, whether you are in a business meeting or busy, I suggest you buy the best smartwatch you can text. Will make life easier.

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