The Best Wired Gaming Laser Mouse 2021

The laser mouse is one of the optical mice that will detect the movement of the mouse using laser light. Like most optical mice, Wired Gaming Laser Mouse has no mobile parts inside. This happens to be more accurate than the standard LED optical mice. A wired laser mouse is more useful for its improved sensitivity and precision gaming and engineering or graphical design applications.

Although wireless technologies have improved tremendously over the years, some people prefer a good and reliable wired connection. It also means you don’t have to handle battery life and can play or browse for countless hours without even thinking about charging your mouse. Most gamers will prefer a wired laser mouse for the least delay, although some cables can be stiff and dragged when the mouse is moved.

Top 5 Best Wired Gaming Laser Mouse of 2021

The advantage of a laser mouse is that it can be used on any type of surface, including glass. When working on glass surfaces, it looks for micro-scratches and then uses them as reference points to indicate movement. The laser mouse can achieve very high levels of DPI in addition to better tracking.

While gaming or working, a good laser mouse should have an ergonomic design and provide full responsiveness, reliability, and comfort. Below is a list of the best-classified gaming laser mouse with their features and characteristics. Here you can easily find the right wired laser mouse to suit your needs and also upgrade your existing perimeter through the article.

1. Redragon M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse 

This wired gaming mouse is designed specifically for computer gaming. It comes with an adjusted DPI with 800 G12 / 2400 and 7200 with 10 G acceleration. It uses high-precision sensors that provide pinpoint accuracy. In addition, there are gaming-grade micro switches that ensure the device’s longevity, high responsiveness, and high stability. You will definitely have a bigger competition than any other competition with this incredible gadget.

This high-end PC gaming mouse features built-in weight tuning to provide the right balance. It has a permanently smooth TEFLON footpad and anti-skid scroll wheel to ensure ultimate gaming control. There are a total of 8 buttons on the mouse, including 7 programmable buttons. The mouse will provide a reliable connection with its fast, gold-plated, braided fiber cable that is 6 feet long and 3 millimeters strong.

Redragon M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse


  • Greater durability
  • 7 MMO user programmable buttons
  • Gaming PC Mouse up to 7200 DPI


  • Need more RGB specifications.

2. Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming  Laser Mouse

The Razor Datader V2 improves everything we like about Dat Hard Elite, one of the best gaming mice in itself, and has been available in various forms since 2016. But can Datader V2, better optimized optical sensors, more durable left, and right mouse buttons, and a better amount of mice that could buy a good amount of mice?

This incredible gaming mouse is made to fit the palm grip perfectly, offering fine claw and finger styling. It has a signature shape that will improve your gameplay by handling and shedding relatively more weight quickly.

It provides another level of traditional office ergonomics. Incredible features include a 20K DPI optical sensor, the fastest gaming mouse switch, Chroma RGB lighting, 8 programmable buttons, and a rubberized side grip.


Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse


  • Focus+ 20K DPI Optical Sensor
  • 3x Faster Than Traditional Mechanical Switches
  • 8 Programmable Buttons


  • Not good for kids

3. VersionTECH. Wired Gaming Laser Mouse

This mouse features a unique cracking design that includes 7 colors of bright LED breathing light. This design highlights the gaming environment and simultaneously flashes amazing colors, The mouse has a high stability aspect, which gives you an extension service. 5 million stroke experiments show that the mouse has a residual element of stability. The weight of the mouse is balanced.

So when it comes to gaming, it doesn’t feel too light or heavy. VersionECH comes with a strong braided cable that offers a large amount of length. The mouse has additional buttons, including DPI, Forward, and Back buttons. Also, the device has accurate tracking.

This mouse is also very easy to use. It does not require any additional drivers or software to be installed. All you need to do is plug it in and then start using it. It will fully support a 2.0 / 3.0 USB port. It has an adjustable hyperfast scroll wheel and 6 programmable buttons for proper movement.


VersionTECH. Wired Gaming Mouse


  • 4 DPI Options for Games & Work
  • Compatibility is universal
  • Easy and quick to use


  • Unpleasant for people with disproportionate hands

4. Corsair Harpoon PRO – RGB Gaming  Laser Mouse

The Corsair Harpoon PR – RGB gaming laser mouse features a premium blade with textured rubber sides and a scoop-out shape that holds you firmly to the device. The sides also flare down, forming a small platform where you can comfortably see your fingers and thumb.

The mouse can work without additional drivers or software, but it is capable of installing a Corsair utility engine. CUE lets you easily change DPI settings and RGB lighting effects, as well as set your macro to your preference. With the CUE app, you can enable five DPI settings from 250 DPI to 12,000 DPI. Going from sniper to shotgun and again will not be a problem as you both perform extremely well with DPI.

The mouse comes with a surprisingly light 85-gram construction for fast movement. Wired or wireless (Bluetooth) mode has a very low mouse clutter delay, offering instant gaming action. The compact design makes it a highly portable device and is ideal for use even with large handheld users. The mouse performs well thanks to its accurate and stable CPI, while all buttons inside the mouse software can be reprogrammed to give you custom control.

Corsair Harpoon PRO - RGB Gaming Mouse


  • Rubber grip sides
  • Light 85-gram build for fast movements


  • Not ergonomic

5. UtechSmart Venus Gaming Laser Mouse RGB Wired

The UtechSmart Venus MMO professional MMO gaming laser mouse is designed to deliver DPI up to 1000 DPI, FPS up to 12000, a polling rate of 1000 Hz and 30G acceleration. Cursor speeds range from 100 to 150in / s with the high-precision Agogo sensor. In addition, it has a built-in adjustable sensitivity level ranging from 200 to 16,400, the mouse’s sensitivity can be easily adjusted using your buttons. Strong and crisp clicks are produced here due to the Omron switch.

There are programmable buttons on the mouse. You can customize all the functions to suit your specific needs. You can even map to any regular keyboard key combination. Side buttons can be drawn under your thumb to suit the best style of play. You can adjust your preferences with the “AutoFire Button”. You can easily increase your gameplay level.

Note that this device also has a 6-foot braided fiber cable with a gold-plated USB connector, therefore, durability is highly guaranteed and is promised with an 18-month manufacturer’s guarantee.

Furthermore, the 12-side alternate angle buttons are only important for quick pinpointing of the switch via contact. There is also a comfortable area on the left side of the device where your thumb can rest when it is not working.

UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse RGB Wired


  • 18 programmable buttons
  • 16 million LED RGB colors Choice
  • Five memory profiles


  • It has a bit of high click latency

6.PICTEK Gaming Mouse Wired

Enjoy your gaming experience with one of the best-performing mice on the market. The PICTEK gaming mouse comes with 7200 DPI and an impressive polling rate. Two DPI buttons allow you to easily adjust DPI at any speed for high consistency and accurate response.

The bait polling rate is adjusted to 4 levels to ensure smooth and fast moving up to 100 Hz. This feature makes the mouse faster and more accurate than a normal mouse.

The most important aspect of this mouse is that all the buttons are programmable and also support macro editing. So, you can program seven buttons using PICTEK gaming software, and that makes the device more intelligent. With this feature, your mouse can meet the additional demand of different games.

Because this device is wired with a great grip and comfortable feel, it is easy to use. As a result, you can use it for many hours without getting tired. Thanks to this feature, the mouse has become a top choice for most computer gamers.

The age of the mouse is also about 30 million clicks. In addition, it involves a complex process and time constraint. Therefore, expect practical reliability for years.

It is also important to understand that this device has 16 million color choices for the backlight setting. However, it only has five default colors, and so, you need to install the software and configure the rest. You can also customize the DPI color to suit your preferences.

6.PICTEK Gaming Mouse Wired


  • 16 million color options for the backlight setting
  • Simple and sleek design
  • Adjustable 7200 DPI


  • A little Heavy

The ultimate shopping best Wired Laser Mouse guide

Why do you need a gaming mouse?

So why exactly do you need to buy a gaming mouse in the first place? Can’t you just game with a regular mouse? No, you can’t. Wired Gaming Laser Mouse are designed very differently and have a slew of features that you will not find in their non-gaming counterparts. Just a cursory look at a gaming mouse reveals many more buttons on top, at the side, and even in its grip. And that’s just the beginning.

Gaming mice are designed to eliminate any kind of input failure. For example, RGB Lighting is expected from a gaming mouse and any gaming laser mouse designed without it should not be considered one of the best gaming mice on the market nor should it be referred to as a gaming mouse. Can come to close Such a mouse may be incomparable in terms of performance, but the way technology and innovation have embraced things, most gamers will not see it as their best choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I fix a wired laser mouse that is not working?

General troubleshooting steps
A. Reboot your computer. In general, looting solves many problems.
B. Try a different USB port
C. In the case of a wireless mouse, reconnect it to the computer
D. In the case of a wireless mouse, check that the batteries are not weak.

1. Mouse-related steps (see after each step A, B, and C)
Windows + X (or right-click on Start)> Click Device Manager> View (on the top bar)> Show hidden devices> Expand mice and other pointing devices> Right-click on the mouse there >

Wired vs. Wireless Mice: Which Is Better?

If you are a gamer, for example, you may prefer a wired gaming mouse with special gaming features. The mouse is better for speed and accuracy. If you value convenience, durability, and aesthetics, you may want to opt for a wireless mouse.

Can a wireless mouse drain a battery?

Yes, the wireless mouse drains the battery, because we keep our laptop or desktop computers plugged in at any time, so a wireless mouse runs on batteries. As a result, its battery dries out quickly.

How does laser mouse work?

LaserMouse function using a laser to detect any hand movements. Unlike the optical part of the best-wired laser mouse, they have no mobile parts inside. Laser mice have a low-resolution camera and an IC that senses any image taken by the camera. The laser shines on the surface, making it visible for calculations.

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